Critmas Shops and Services

We strongly encourage Critters taking part in Critmas 2020 to shop from Critter-run businesses. This is a list generated from Gilmore’s Glorious Goods by Crafty Critters on Facebook, complete with coupons and sales!

Fallen Paladin Crafts run by Adam Bazley

Custom hand-made artisan chainmail jewelry. Includes many geeky/fandom based items like dice bags, miniature dice bags, and fandom based jewellery.
Critmas sales and coupons: TBC
Can ship: Internationally

Hutson Alley run by Sally Hutson
(Redbubble store)

All sorts of Nerd Merch:
Dicebags (fully lined, with pockets! Hold approx 300 dice), dice and Fantasy themed jewellery, dice and Fantasy themed Keychains, Meeple Merch (earrings, charms and more), Reusable Fabric Book Covers (feat: inner pocket. A5 size notebook included), PRIDE merch, Rolling Trays
Coming soon
stickers (including fandom and TTRPG/Gaming related)
resin charms and boxes
badges/pins (including fandom and TTRPG/Gaming related)
Critmas sales and coupons: 20% off storewide for Critters using the code CRIT20
Can ship: Internationally

3dnd printing run by Laura Shearman

3d print minis in resin, and dnd terrain and accessories in filament.

Critmas sales and coupons: Free domestic shipping.
Can ship: Internationally

Express Your Fandom run by Lizzie

Express Your Fandom is the home of pop culture earrings and D&D desirables. EYF ranges from D&D earrings, D&D pins, dice bags, dice and other D&D desirables.
Critmas sales and coupons: 10% off if you buy two or more items (no coupon required)
Can ship: Internationally

Wistful Empire run by Cassie

Creating pastel and cute D&D goodies for all Adorable Adventurers. Enamel Pins, dice bags and more.
Critmas sales and coupons: CRITMAS20
Can ship: All international destinations, though delays are expected.

Sunshifter Crafts run by Sarah McGee

I crochet little toy dolls and odds and ends. So far I have made Jester, a scanlan Christmas bauble, and a Hogs head full of gun powder. I am also launching commissions to make people’s DnD or game characters.
Critmas sales and coupons: Everything 15% off
Can ship: Internationally

Glittergeekdice run by Jenna Bohn

I specialize in huge d20s with floral and glittery inserts. I also make custom orders and make sharp edge branded sets.
I also sell commercially made dice and love to sell dice in bundles for a cheaper cost to the buyer!
Critmas sales and coupons: I will have a 20% off sale for commercial stock, 15% previously made handmade stock.
Can ship: Internationally

Atelier Wazeau run by Alexandra Sauvageau

Atelier Wazeau provides you with wonderful shiny stained glass creations for that special geek/nerd in your life. Will also take small commissions in addition to my existing stock, if order is placed before end of October.
Critmas sales and coupons: critmas2020 for 5$CAD off, in my etsy shop.
Can ship: Internationally, but outside North America it takes around 3 weeks for the package to arrive so keep that in mind when ordering, please ♡

Machiavellian Princess run by Chloe Perelgut and Erin Emms

We sell dice bags, bumper stickers, earrings, and some tshirts
Critmas sales and coupons: 15% off the whole shop: CRITMAS2020 (starts Oct 1)
Can ship: Internationally

SoltySketches run by Lori White

I make dice bags, enamel pins and do custom dice bag orders if you msg me.
Critmas sales and coupons: If you let me know it’s for a critmas order, I include a “CritLife” enamel pin with every order.
Can ship North America

Geeky Tendencies, run by Christine Schmidt
I make Dice Bags (with Pockets) for taking all your game gear to the table.  Make it a complete set with matching dice trays and spellbooks! 
Critmas sales and coupons: Use code CRITMAS2020 to save 15% on combo purchases. 
Can ship: Anywhere in North America via Etsy.  Contact me for a quote for worldwide shipping. 

Nerfblat Bits run by Ferne Hebig

Handpainted Miniatures, handpainted dice boxes, rpg mini figure and dice sets in handpainted boxes, Wanda and wand boxes, geeky rpg posters, coffee mugs, etc. 
Critmas sales and coupons: $5 off any order of $50 or more. Use code VAULT5 valid through November 30. 
Can ship: International. (Not responsible for shipping delays or issues with delivery. Standard shipping does not include insurance or tracking. Recommend international customers consider upgrading to tracked and insured shipping). 

Vethereal run by Victoria Koene.
I hand make paper flowers, which are available on their own or in bouquets, crowns, circlets, etc; as well as cosplay horns, accessories, and dice bags.
D&D and LGBTQ+ Pride themed watercolour prints and designs available on a variety of merchandise.
Critmas sales and coupons: I have a 10% off coupon for Critters on my Etsy store only (sadly) – the code is CRITMAS20.
Can ship: Internationally

Little Dragon Corp run by Colette

Critmas sales and coupons: 20% off Critmas – Valid until End of October with coupon Critmas
Can ship: Internationally

JekDraws / JekyllDraws run by Jek

I make a lot of stickers and pins themed around gaming, CR and monsters!
Critmas sales and coupons: Use the code NEIN for 9 percent off!
Can ship: Internationally

KillVannah run by Yavannah Pelgrim

Hello! I’m a Dutch artist that makes buttons, stickers, prints, bookmarks, charms, mugs and more of my artwork. My work is inspired by (medieval) fantasy, TTRPGs, video games and pop-culture.
Critmas sales and coupons: CRITTER10 for 10% off
Can ship: Internationally

Noekcleardice run by Anouk Tijsma

I make handmade dice! I’ve made lots of different ones in different styles and have made a mighty nein line and am currently working on a vox machina one!
Can ship: Internationally

BigbysCrafts run by Aurelie Rommers
I make dice pouches and wooden storage boxes. I hand make them all by order. We have them in 4 sizes: S (3 sets), M (6 sets), L (10 sets) and XL (43 sets).
Critmas sales and coupons: Yes, but I don’t have the coupon yet. The sale will be shop wide for all customers.
Can ship: Internationally

Captain’s log run by Jace Jenniskens

My name is jace and I make dnd accessories from leather like: class keychains, dicebags, dicetrays and spellcard holders. I have a shop with pre-made items but you can always message me for something custom. To give you an example: I can laser names and images onto the leather or change color combination so your items are unique and all yours.
I make everything by hand and with love!
Can ship: Internationally

Party Paladin Dice run by Nicky Markenstein

Quality dice, handmade with care.

Can Ship: Internationally (high prices), but I prefer shipping in Europe.

Balthazar’s Den run by Renate Olea Høgmoe
I provide painted minis for your game, Warhammer or Dungeons & Dragons, doesn’t matter what you need it for! I sell pre-painted minis and do commisions to customize your character to you. Stationed in Norway.
Critmas sales and coupons: Drop “critmas2020” in with your order and get 20% off.
Can ship: International. Shipping may take more time due to Covid!

Critical Kit run by Tim Roberts
Unique dice for D&D and other RPGs. We also have a popular subscription box as well as our own custom sets.
Critmas sales and coupons: 15% discount CRITMAS15
Can ship: Internationally

Revie Rae Arts run by Rebecca Coddington

Revie Rae sells a variety of cute art and geeky themed pin badges and prints, including fantasy and the world of dungeons & dragons.
Critmas sales and coupons: CRITMAS20 for 20% off
Can ship: Internationally

Jamwoo’s Commissions run by Jay

Hi, I’m Jay a a trans miniature painter who has made a lot of her renown painting Vox Machina minis but I have also spent a lot of time painting for wargames and D&D parties.
So if folks are looking to give a beautiful PC mini, their whole adventuring party or a fully painted Crit Role party for Critmas I would more than happy to make that happen. I try to keep my commissions fast and reasonably priced so most simgle minis should take 2 weeks plus shipping time at the very most. Check out my Instagram or KoFi for examples of my work, looking forward to hearing from folks!
Critmas sales and coupons: If folks quote #critmas2020 when booking their commission they can get their Hero Forge (or equivalent) minis painted at £20 each
Can ship: Internationally

WraithMaille run by Karen Dawkins

I have been making and selling chainmaille and scalemaille goods for the previous 5 years now, ranging from jewellery to larger cosplay items such as fully scaled tails. I also make the standard dice bags of different variations as well as all my pieces can be themed for original characters or within fandoms. I would normally be trading at various conventions however I am entirely online based at the moment. Happy to take commissions and work with people to a particular budget or theme.
Critmas sales and coupons: CRIT15 for 15% off any items from my website
Can ship: Internationally

Bardic Inspiration UK run by Mel and Luke

Bardic Inspiration is a small UK company run by two Critters. We sell dice, dicebags, candles, mystery dice bags and more!
Critmas sales and coupons: 15% off if you enter HOLIDAYFIRBOLG
Can ship: Internationally

Odin’s Forge run by Catheryn Alice North

Leather goods, like Keyrings/Bookmarks etc, we have a critical role set of keyrings/patches with designs based on each of the main PCs from both campaigns + a DM and Natural 20 design, we also have a dicesword bookmark design ^_^
Critmas sales and coupons: CRITMAS2020 running for October and November
Can ship: Internationally

Kitten Poker Creations run by Catheryn Alice North

My website is mostly tiny dragons (artwork/stickers) & some other art prints, nothing directly CR related. on the Redbubble… all the sorts of things redbubble do, includes the coloured versions of my campaign 1 character logos on various things including stickers/shirts/books/socks etc, this includes the DM logo (which is popular) and a couple of sets of all the logos both including, and not including Tibs. ^_^
Critmas sales and coupons: My website = CRITMAS2020 for October and November, no discounts on Redbubble because I can’t do that there, but they run their own sales if you can catch one.
Can ship: Internationally

CRITIT.CO.UK run by Katie Marriott

Gaming accessories and dice including dice boxes, bags, mugs, anduch more, always happy to customise 🙂
Critmas sales and coupons: CRIT20 for 10% off
Can ship: Internationally

ErcassielCurio run by Hollie Rivers

I have a small etsy store selling dnd props and macabre miniature jars. Amongst other resin based things.
Can ship: Internationally

Dodecafish run by Sam Potter

I make hand-made leatherwork, from Dice trays and bags to Dragon-Belts and Stag Sporrans! (Small pouches traditionally worn with kilts)
I can also do custom work – it’s one of my favourite things to do!
Critmas sales and coupons: CRITMAS20 – active Nov&Dec 2020 on the Dodecafish store for 15% off your total order.
Can ship: Internationally

SweetCrownDice run by Tish
I make custom dice and sell them =)
Critmas sales and coupons: No coupon – will include 10% in gift
Can ship: Internationally

Harps Corp – Gaming Accessories run by James

We are a pair of geeky brothers who hand craft only hardwood tabletop gaming accessories. From dice jails to DM screens. All can be personalized by engraving and choosing the woods you want. We also sell random character generator pouches great for gifts and one shots.
Critmas sales and coupons: GEEK10 for 10% anything or spend over £60 and get a free Mystery Hero pouch – Random Character generator.
Can ship: Internationally

Valiant Goods run by C

Hiya! I’m C, and I adore creating over the top hand embroidered dice pouches and plush😄 I love trying new things and branching out, so my work tends to involve multimedia pieces of all varieties. I’m eager to dabble further in bookbinding (oh but the embroidered covers i have planned!!), resin art, pins, plush making & clay sculpting and incorporating them all in interesting ways with my pouches😄
Can ship: Internationally

Crafty Rogue London run by Chizelle Wood

I sell a variety of coloured wristbands with DnD class types laser etched on to them. I can also make ones with custom words on. i also sell candle inspired by potion and spells found in dnd and soon characters found in citical role.
Critmas sales and coupons: coupon code CRITMAS20 will give the buyer 15% off at the checkout. available Nov 1st – Dec 22nd
Can ship: Internationally

Kobold Star Miniature Painting run by Graham Pell

Hand painted tabletop miniatures, 3d printed terrain pieces and custom painting and model designshipping worldwide

Wandering Pixie Crafts run by Bekkie

Various different nerdy trinkets! Lots of stickers, tote bags, t-shirts & greetings cards. I only currently have one D&D item up but I’m working on getting more made very soon, they’ll be up well before my Critmas discount goes live! Most things I make are made to order and have a 1-2 week lead time. Some of my products have an LGBT+ Pride slant to them also.
Critmas sales and coupons: From the 11th October to the 31st of December, any D&D/TTRPG items will be 10% off using the code MERRYCRITMAS
Can ship: I can ship worldwide but buyers should be aware of my longer lead times on top of how long shipping might take! I use Royal Mail’s International Standard, but can also work with buyers to use Hermes Intl. or other shipping companies too! I don’t charge for UK delivery, but there’s a small charge for international shipping.

Claefer Designs run by Lydia Wright

Cross stitch patterns, Geeky T shirts, Stickers and Keyrings
Critmas sales and coupons: Use code CRITMAS at checkout for 10% off any order 😊
Can ship: I can ship internationally, but keyrings and stickers might take longer to arrive than normal because of the current pandemic and postage times taking longer. Shirts have normal delivery times though 😊

GeekyClean by Steph Dodd

Bath bombs, soaps and pinbadges

Can ship: Worldwide.

Unchained Design run by Clare Selley

Chainmaille jewellery and custom work.
Critmas sales and coupons: 10% off CRITMAS code up.
Can ship: Intl

Dragons and Darlings run by Emmy. 

I specialise in handmade dice bags, inspired by all things D&D and your own player character! I also make Critter Cross Stitch, Critmas decorations and my latest adventure is into all things resin! I absolutely love to make personalised gifts for customers, and I’m always up for a challenging comission!
Critmas codes and coupons: Use code CRITMAS20 for 15% off all items in store. Critmas special Stock will be going online in early October!
Can ship: International! 

Jodie Louise Designs run by Jodie Milbourne

Critmas codes and coupons: 10% off any purchase with code CRITMAS
Can ship: to the U.K.

Nerdy Gnomes run by Emma

Hello bees! We are the nerdy Gnomes and we make all sorts of things! At the moment we have lots of button jewellery (Hello Veth!), playing card jewellery, and scrummy wax melts available with A LOT more on the way! We try and keep costs low on smaller items so they would make great stocking stuffers! 
Can ship: Internationally

Craftical Hit run by Felicity Mckee

Craftical Hit is run by a queer disabled nb person who loves all things RPG. I currently hand make dice bags and sell dice and geeky badges. I have a wide range and it is expanding. Started during lockdown while shielding I’m still finding my feet but I’d love to have you check out my wares!
Coming Soon: I have downloadable content coming soon such as character sheets that are suitable if you have dyslexia or colour vision deficiency etc. As well as dice accessories such as dice trays and boxes. I will also be adding a line of geeky jewellery and will have a resin printing service soon so you can get send me the file of the miniature you want and I’ll print it.
Critmas codes and coupons: 15% off CRITMAS2020
Can ship: internationally. 

JHCrafter Custom Creations run by Jessica Hipps

I make handmade sewn and crochet items. Dice bags, face masks, baby clothes, hats, scarves, blankets, and so much more!
Critmas sales and coupons: Critmas2020 for 10% off
Can ship: Internationally

Level 1 Gamers run by Lisa Hall

D&D themed mugs, t-shirts, and baby apparel! We make all our designs, and do most of our own printing!
Critmas sales and coupons: 10% off your order with CRITTERGIFT10
Can ship: Internationally

Fabricarrie run by Carrie

I make Laura Bailey size dice bags and some plushie critters! I mostly make Harry Potter themed plushies, but I also make dragons and can do any of these things in custom colors!

Can ship: Internationally

Medusa’s Mirror Jewelry & Accessories run by Sara Glassman

My specialty is crocheted wire jewelry. I also make pendants out of damaged library books and upcycled bottle caps. I also make hair clips, earrings, and bracelets.
Critmas sales and coupons: Critmas20 for 20% off.
Can ship: Internationally

Terrible Trio Crafts run by Hannah

I sell beautiful handmade 7-piece dice sets that can be tailor-made based on a favorite color, theme, or D&D character! Each set is cast, sanded, polished, and painted by hand.
Critmas sales and coupons: CRITMAS2020
Can ship: Domestically or Internationally

Fox Design Studios LLC run by Katriel Paige
I offer services such as writing, editing, and/or accessibility audits, BUT that also means I can write short fiction with your RPG party or characters, help you write up that adventure module you’ve always wanted, convert manuscripts into ebook formats or check the accessibility of YOUR website or store, and more. I have professional RPG writing and editing credits from Onyx Path, Paizo, Chaosium, and High Level Games publishers, in addition to editing several DMs Guild community modules.
Critmas sales and coupons: Mention Critmas and I will give a 10% discount on services.
Can ship: (Service, but can work internationally)

Firebolt Dice run by Renna Mira

Handmade dice, trays, and initiative trackers for the intrepid adventurer! Keep an eye out for sales about once a month!
Critmas sales and coupons: 10% off for critters who use the code CRITMAS from October 1- December 1.
Can ship: Internationally

Stargazer Art Co run by Meghan Henley

I make dungeons and dragons inspired pinback buttons. All of my buttons are customizable and I’m always willing do do custom listings for anyone, just send me a message.
Critmas sales and coupons: Starting October 1st through December 31st I’ll have a 10% code: CRITMAS2020
Can ship: USA

Mostly Harmless Designs run by Sarah Burton

Mostly Harmless Designs is a one woman crochet operation that specializes in geeky and LGBT+ plushies all hand stitched with love.
Can ship: Internationally

Your Average Nerd Studio run by Lindsay

I make fabric dice trays, dice bags, permanent and removable decals, scarves, zipper pouches, keychains, resin art coaters, resin art wall art, small wood dice boxes. I can also customize items and clothing with decals in a variety of styles.
Critmas sales and coupons: I’ll have a 15% off coupon for the holidays
Can ship: Internationally

Chrononaut Mercantile run by Heather Kahn

Costume-inspired clothing, especially capes, cloaks and jackets
Critmas sales and coupons: free shipping all the time in the USA
Can ship: Internationally

Geek Witch Dice run by Catriona Forgey

I’m in the business of handmade dice! 😀 I make the sparkly math rocks and I really enjoy doing it. I’m also looking at branching out into dice bags and maybe dice trays to match sets, but haven’t hammered that down as of yet.
Critmas sales and coupons: I don’t have a specific coupon/sale, but if someone mentions Critmas in their messages/comments on a purchase I’ll happily give them a 10% discount on purchases under $50, and 20% on purchases over $50!
Can ship: USA

Rantana Creations run by Rachel Lee

Bidet! I am a Costume Designer at work, a cosplayer and a crafter at home. I started making masks to donate when COVID lockdown began, and once the mask shortage settled down a bit I started getting more requests for cute and unique masks which led to opening my Etsy store. Currently I have small sewn fabric goods such as face masks (including my CR inspired line), headbands (originally offered to nurses with button add-ons to save their ears from mask elastics), scrunchies, aprons, placemats and book/tablet sleeves. I am slowly branching into other items that I always wanted to make, including cosplay accessories and simple clothing items. I hope to make this my full time job eventually!
Critmas sales and coupons: Yes I will probably have a 10% off coupon. Please use coupon code CRITMAS2020 at checkout.
Can ship: Some items Internationally

Dark Crescent Studio run by Jaleigha Thiede

I am known throughout many circles as the Dragon Lady. I sell hand sculpted polymer clay figures~mostly dragons~ including dice guardians, gem hoarders, and larger statues; pyrography works that are all burned by hand including custom dice trays, dice boxes, and plaques; watercolor works such as prints, character designs, bookmarks, and stickers; and hand engraved glassware including tumblers, beer steins, wine glasses, and stainless steel flasks. I’m always open for custom commission orders as well
Critmas sales and coupons: Coupon code Critmas for 25% off
Can ship: If I’m given an email in advance to get proper shipping charges I can

Strange Fate Crafts, LLC run by Jessica Lowe

I make amazing TTRP gaming accessories: all-in-one dice systems that include 2 trays, a tower, dice storage, and a dice jail; a CCG kit that can hold several decks and tokens, a small kit that holds one RPG d20 set that also converts into two small trays, and will be coming out with a GM kit that includes a screen, a player tracker that will fit into our all-in-one kit, and a war game token kit within the next month. We also do crocheted figures, leatherwork, and art. We offer customization options on all of our products. We like to pride ourselves on upping one’s game 😉
Critmas sales and coupons: We will offer a Critmas coupon starting September 1st and ending November 30th. The coupon code is CRITMASS2020
Can ship: Internationally

Rudebird’s Roost run by Krystal Eckert

Dice bags, tarot bags, and framed cross stitch art

Can ship: Internationally

The Luminescent Shop run by Adria Llerena

I’m an artist, cosplayer and gamer, that specializes in selling flower crowns, prints and most recently, dice bags and Haori/Kimono jackets! I accept commissions and on the rare occasion, art trades!
Critmas sales and coupons: I usually include 10% off during the holidays
Can ship: USA only

Kats Clay Treasures run by katrins simpkins

I am based in MD in the US. I make polymer clay jewelry and d20 holders. I love to make clay dragons and other mythical animals. If you have something you want, I can try to make it! I’m always open for custom clay creations as well
Critmas sales and coupons: I’m going to be doing a 10% off coupon. Code is CRITMAS
Can ship: Internationally

Ayslyn’s Aviary run by Whitney Carter

Ever wanted your very own mythical companion creature? Look no further than Ayslyn’s Aviary! Our dragons and wyverns can be adopted already hatched or still in their eggs, and whether you’re looking for a dragonling to guard your dice hoard or join you in the initiative order, the perfect dragon for you is waiting within!
Critmas sales and coupons: Yes; Critmas2020 for free shipping
Can ship: Internationally

The Evergreen Burrow run by Rebecca Dinoff

We make, design, and sell handcrafted geekery! Our art includes handcrafted dice sets, ttrpg merit badge pins, Lucky Duck dice sets, patches, D&D pins and more!
Can ship: Internationally

KriticalKez run by Kezia Suarez

I work with customers to create personalized and customized art of their characters, parties, or really anything they like! I have done fan art, full on illustrations, and my work has been featured a couple of times on the Critical Role art Reel. If you aren’t sure about having a custom piece done I also have several pre-made piece available on all sorts of media on Redbubble.
Critmas sales and coupons: Yes, DMs are always free in group pictures for anyone. Critters however can pm me with DECK THE HALLS if they are ordering a single character no back ground for Critmas and get one for themselves at $10 off. This is a Critmas deal only to spread the love
Can ship: All my art is delivered digitally

Vulcan’s forge studios run by Jennie caudle

We make bright colored fantasy and humor style art! We carry everything from buttons, stickers, multiple sizes in prints, t-shirts, candles, book marks, commissions, and so much more! We have critical role and dnd stickers and art. The candles are dnd themed also.
Can ship: USA

Silver Cicada Designs run by Kelli Hovanes

I mostly focus on leather masks and handbags, some of them are inspired by our favorite podcast. I also make stickers, jewelry, fancy astrological birth charts, gaming journals, and every once in awhile one of those delightfully creepy long furby. My masks have been used in episodes of once upon a time, by Cirque du Soleil, and Wolftrap opera house
Critmas sales and coupons: Just for the critters, the holiday discount code HELLOBEES
Can ship: Internationally

Windblown Leaf Designs run by Erica Fogg

I make sparkly (and some not-sparkly) stainless steel tumblers, as well as resin pieces like trinket dishes, crystals, jewelry, planchettes, faux stained glass suncatchers, and also stickers! I tend toward geeky, feminist and a little witchy, with some glitter thrown in the mix. My tagline is “Glitter and Snark” 🙂
Critmas sales and coupons: Critmas2020
Can ship: USA only

Arrow Road Creations run by Margaret Peroutka

We’re a mom and pop D&D store, specializing in custom D&D accessories, minis, and all things geek! Whether you’re looking for customized spell trackers, a fully printed and painted miniature of your character/party, or just want some special math rocks, we’ve probably got something you need at your table!
In total, we have over 15 printers in our shop (resin and FDM), and are constantly expanding our catalog of prints! We’ve got a couple thousand minis/terrain that we have licensing to sell that we haven’t had time to create listings for (mom and pop store, but the kids are all under 2 = not enough free time for painting :P)… so even if you don’t see something on our shop we probably have it!
Also, our newest addition to our shop is a laser cutter/engraver. So we’ll be rolling out custom engraved gifts this year too! We will have customizable dice trays and D&D class coasters coming out in time for this Christmas… also… did anyone say D&D themed cutting boards?!?! (in all seriousness, I’m not sure if there’s a demand for that particular product, but we’ll have it!)
Critmas sales and coupons: CRITMAS (10% off + a small gift!)
Can ship: Internationally

Windy Woods Designs run by Tyler Haney

Here at Windy Woods we draw inspiration from fantasy, nature, and humor. We sell pillows, mugs, stickers, keychains, and enamel pins.
Critmas sales and coupons: Use code MERRYCRITMAS to get 10% off your order.
Can ship: USA

Trinkets for Geeks run by Johnnie Fitzpatrick

I make leather dice bags, various jewelry, and other fun and fantasy trinkets. I’m adding new things all the time, and I’m always open to custom orders.
Critmas sales and coupons: I will do a 25% off Critmas sale from Oct. 22- Dec. 22 to give everyone time for shipping.
Can ship: Internationally

Otherworldly Works run by Story

Polymer clay figurines and wearables.
Critmas sales and coupons: Discount Code CritterFam gets 10% off
Can ship: Internationally

Classy Looking Nerf Herder run by Lynne Marie Martens

I make custom vintage style geek fashion. Mashing up 40s & 50s looks with pop culture. That includes CritRole!
Critmas sales and coupons: Helpitsagain
Can ship: USA

Maise Designs run by Gabby Donathan, can be found at:
I make everything from canvas art, to crochet items, to sewn. Dice bags, hand tooled leather journals, CR art/prints, crochet blankets, quilts, and more.
Critmas sales and coupons: 15% off CR coupon: CRITMAS2020
Can ship: Internationally

CriticalKeep run by Anastazia Love

I make custom dice bags with pockets. Anything from simple colors to various monster hides and even fandoms like Pokémon and Disney! My smallest can hold around 6 sets and my largest can hold almost 360 sets (as reported by a customer).
Critmas sales and coupons: Yes I will be offering 20% off for Critters
Can ship: Internationally

Naevi’s Oddities run by Jaimie Rennie

I have been working with resin for 7ish years- nerdy jewelry, keychains, pins- and I’ve been selling my artesian dice and dice accessories (boxes, dice guardians, etc) for 2 years now! I’m a huge Critical Role fan, so a lot of my designs are inspired by episodes and characters 🙂
Critmas sales and coupons: I can! TravelersBlessing (10% off ready to ship items)
Can ship: Internationally

Midnight Reflections run by Shemayne Carroll

D&D and Critical Role themed enamel pins, costume kits and accessories, as well as custom handmade sculptures for wedding cake toppers and dice guardians!
Can ship: Internationally

afterimages of ghostfire run by Julia Lichty

I am an illustrator and most of my artwork ends up on prints, pin-backed buttons, and magnets, with a few items available as shirts, mugs, and more.
Critmas sales and coupons: 10% off with coupon code ‘critmas2020’. Stacks with already on sale items and free shipping within the USA on orders $50 and over. Does not include custom items or commissions.
Can ship: Internationally

Happi Art run by Ashlee Baysinger

I create original pour paintings. I pick colors and a technique for each one to give the recipient a feeling of a character or event. I have been creating these paintings for about a year now and launched the website in June 2020. It’s been successful so far. Last year I made ones for my critter (posted on the website) and I would love to create more to spread more joy.
Critmas sales and coupons: In honor of the Mighty Nein, I will be doing a 9% discount. The discount code will be CRITMAS2020. It will start on September 1 and will end on November 6. It can be used on commissions and items in the current shop.
Can ship: Internationally

RPG Pride run by Tim Mcinturff

I’m at long time fan of D&D and started watching Critical Role at c01e07. My eStore I just opened mainly sells alternate sexuality/identity D&D related t-shirts. Original designs that incorporate PRIDE flags.
Can ship: Internationally

Kiggins Crafts run by Krystin

I am a goofy teacher of first graders that loves making nerdy stickers and crochet designs! I doodle almost constantly (when I am not in class) coming up with new things to make and most of that is done while watching Critical Role. My biggest hit so far has been the Mighty Nein car decals!
Critmas sales and coupons: Use the code CRITMAS at checkout they will get 10% off
Can ship: Internationally

The Crafty Gamer run by Jordan Dieppa-Tamajon

We’re a group of friends who tackled the greatest adventure together: opening up a business together. We sell tabletop inspired products to enhance immersive playing!
Critmas sales and coupons: Yes. 15% off for those who use the code Critmas
Can ship: Internationally

TurtleArmyJess Crafts run by Jess Butzen

I create crocheted plushies of critical role characters. I’m also available for custom orders, such as custom dnd character commissions in yarn.

Can ship: USA

The reliquary run by Martha Camejo

I make religious items for the gods of CR and DND. I can make stuff for the characters of CR if asked
Can ship: USA

Rinus Leatherworks run by Mark and Elva Rinus

We create heirloom quality products made from full grain vegetable tanned leather. Since we create it all by hand we are able to customize most orders by either tooling or using our laser. Colors are also easy to customize.
Critmas sales and coupons: We will be offering 10% discount
Can ship: Internationally

Revenge of the Printer run by Ian Kaszans

Laser engraved products! Flasks, cutting boards, and dice trays!
Critmas sales and coupons: CRITMAS for $2 off, starting in October
Can ship: Internationally

Dragon & Wolf Designs run by Cheryl Martin

My partner and I design and craft unique, geeky jewelry and trinkets. Our tagline is Handcrafted Beaded and Chainmail Jewelry For the Fashionable Geek.
We also do custom designs and a spectrum of pride items.
Our business is Black owned, queer owned and veteran owned.
Critmas sales and coupons: CRITMAS2020 for 20% off the total order
Can ship: Internationally

Morningdew Dice Bags run by Jessica Fredyma-Cox

I make large dice bags in lots of fun prints and fabrics. Bags are available with or without pockets. I also offer custom embroidery.
Critmas sales and coupons: Yes, coupon code: CRITMAS for 15% off non-custom bags.
Can ship: Internationally

Glassroom26 run by Caroline and Caitie

Etched glass products including ornaments, and drink ware, and home decor with plenty of geeky themes. Our most popular products include drink ware with dice submerged in resin.
Critmas sales and coupons: Coupon code CRITMAS2020 for 20% off your purchase.
Can ship: Internationally

Magical Math Rocks, LLC run by Eleanor Clymer

I am the Magic behind Magical Math Rocks. Have played D&D for many years and currently play in 3 campaigns meeting in total twice a week.
I create 100% handmade/homebrew polyhedral dice. All MMR dice are cast under pressure to assure the highest of quality and the best balance possible being made by hand. All my dice go through a quality assurance inspection before being listed for sale or sent out.
Can ship: Internationally

Happy Cow Designs run by Randi

I create one of a kind tumblers that I coat in resin to keep the design safe and sound.
Critmas sales and coupons: I will have a bundle sale, buy one get one of the same size at a discounted rate.
Can ship: USA

The Dice of Life run by Tiffany

The Dice of Life specializes in dice jewelry and accessories such as removable dice keychains, normal keychains, and christmas ornaments.
Critmas sales and coupons: CRITGIFT20
Can ship: Internationally

HideyHoleInn run by Tiffany W

HideyHoleInn has Chainmaille, Dragon Eggs, Hideaway books and more!
Critmas sales and coupons: CRITGIFT20
Can ship: Internationally

Twoodruff Redbubble run by Tiffany W

Geeky Shirts, and Stickers are the focus of My Redbubble, I have most combinations and DND Races and Classes available along with Cute Dice stickers
Can ship: Internationally

Geekdomain run by Lisa Nuckols

I make d20 shaped bath bombs with dice inside, Sorting Hat HP themed bath bombs, fandom themed soaps, and other geeky things.
Critmas sales and coupons: GOBLIN
Can ship: USA

Gamma Rae Crafts run by Rae Blackledge

I make sewn geeky items. Dice bags, purses, and pouches. This fall geeky face masks and mask travel pouches are available for those still in areas of need. Geeky headbands now available! Free shipping within the USA.
Critmas sales and coupons: Code Critmas for 10% off
Can ship: Internationally

Whimsy Works run by Andi Smith

Whimsy Works creates plush toys and plush dice bags based on classic gaming creatures.  Our RPG-themed children’s books will introduce wee ones to the world of fantasy tabletop gaming using rhymes and vibrant illustrations. The Wee Beasties series of books feature fun gaming related Easter Eggs (such as a D20) to find on each illustrated page.
Critmas sales and coupons: Buy any ONE plush and get a free enamel pin. (The free pin is the Baby Owlbear collectible enamel pin from the first year that Gen Con participated in the Pin Bazaar, 2018.) Promo Code: BIDET Code will go live on October 8th and run while supplies last.
Can ship: Internationally

Saving Throw Pillows run by Lana Krolikowski

Geeky accents for you home! Pillows shaped like the dice we all love from D&D. Each large pillow has a hidden zipper pocket for you to store your dice in as well! They may not roll fair, but they will always be fun. Perfect for cuddling up with for those remote D&D session, or resting on as you play live!
Critmas sales and coupons: 10% off any purchase over $50 on my site or my Etsy store, with the code CRITMAS – good from now until December 24th, 2020
Can ship: Internationally

The Needle and the Sword run by Ashten Elizabeth

I make D&D and Critical Role themed totes, aprons, tees, blankets, and geeky pet portraits! I can do custom orders for fabrics and designs!
Critmas sales and coupons: Critmas2020
Can ship: Internationally

Kit’s Designs run by Kit Kingsley

I make Book Jewelry, Hand Painted Dice Boxes, Book Ornaments, Book Marks, Book Magnets and so much more. You get it, I like Books! I’m an OG Critter, who started watching from the 2nd episode of Campaign 1, and have been playing D&D for 30+ years. Custom orders are welcome, let me design something just for you.
Critmas sales and coupons: Yes, Coupon Code: CRITTER20 for 20% off entire purchase.
Can ship: Internationally

Thornhill Gaming run by Sara Hurley

Table top gaming accessories. Dice jails, initiative trackers, dice trays, etc. And only for the holidays, mystery dice bath bombs.

Critmas sales and coupons: 15% off coupon code CRITMAS Valid oct 1 2020 – Jan 1 2021
Can ship: International for all but the bath bombs, which are US only.

Dryad Tea run by Rubiee Hayes

My name’s Rubiee and I own Dryad Tea. I create hand-blended loose leaf teas inspired by music, mythology, works of literary art and general geekery. I also create tea accessories to match: Hand thrown pottery mugs, tea infusers with dice as the counter balances and more. When I vend at conventions I try to provide everything but the water, being a one stop tea shop!
Critmas sales and coupons: Critmas10 – 10% off all orders 🙂
Can ship: US and Canada are probably easiest with Covid issues

Local Lizard Resin run by Rae Hicks

I’m a 25 y/o queer and disabled artist who loves lizards, glitter, and making people happy. I make resin dishes and boxes and jewelry, completely custom order.
Can ship: USA

Kingsmaille Accessories run by Alex King

I make 100% hand-made, customized chainmaille art pieces, armor, jewelry, and accessories. Located in Southern California, I am devoted to delivering high-quality products that will bring a shine to your accessory repertoire! I am continually taking commissions, so I am accepting messages for ideas and sales.
Can ship: USA

Robin’s Nerd Supplies run by Kelsey Scott

We sell dice (including Kanji, Thai, and Arabic Dice) and accessories (including cases, trays, maps, bags, etc) for any tabletop game.
Critmas sales and coupons: Critmas for 15% off
Can ship: Internationally

Defahn’s Delightful Dice and Resin Creations run by Taylor Woolard

I am a startup business making dice and dice trays, as well as custom crystals for jewelry and rose paperweights
Can ship: Internationally

Made With Pride run by Emma Wiseman

I make custom bracelets and cross stitch pieces. I can make almost anything and most of my bracelets are based around pride flags.
Can ship: Internationally

The OutPost RW run by Valerie Kyzer

We are your last stop for D&D and Witchy items. We specialize in dice towers, figures, bags, and more.
Can ship: USA

SolitarySketch run by Loni Campbell

I make hand painted coasters that are topped in resin to preserve the artwork and make it waterproof. I like to make each one a piece of fan art inspired by your favorite pop culture characters/items!
Can ship: USA

The Dragonkeeper’s Daughter run by Æsa

I’m an independent artist based out of Austin, TX specializing in crochet soft sculpture and hand crafted jewelry. Most of what I make are crochet poseable dragons based off of the patterns by Crafty Intentions – they are endlessly customizable and can be cute and cuddly or fierce.
Can ship: Internationally

Ice Cream Alpacas run by Megan Powell

Cross-stitch patterns, embroidery and cross-stitch pieces (all of which will be updated periodically), and other crafty decor or accessory pieces, including canvases, pendants, and plushies. 
Critmas sales and coupons: 15% off any store purchase with the code “ICACRITTERS2020”
Can ship: anywhere, but international prices for shipping are expensive

Natural One Crafts run by Katie Hoen and Dylan Teal

Face masks, patches, key fobs, dice bags, hair accessories
Critmas sales and coupons: 20% off the entire store valid through December 26th with coupon CRITMAS2020
Can ship: local and international through Etsy.

Sew Geeky Bags run by Rhiannon McKinnon

I make mostly dice bags, with or without my unique pocket system, but also do messenger bags and some d20 jewelry.  I have fabrics to customize including many that represent CR characters’ styles. For Critmas my only “special” would be that I would put Critmas people into the few rush slots for custom bags that I’d have in the time frame before the holiday to make sure to deliver in plenty of time. 
Can ship: USA only due to time constraints and current international shipping issues.

WildThief Creations run by Sasha LB

WildThief is here to steal your heart as a curator of fantastic stickers and custom resin works.  We specialize in Dice Boxes fitting any character and stickers that appeal to many realms of nerd and geekdom!  We take custom requests for everything available in the store and hope that you will join us in creating some magic of your own!
Critmas codes and coupons: input code “CRITTER” at checkout to get a free 3” sticker ($3.50 off a purchase of $7 or more. Please send message with order indicating what you would like)
Can ship: US [Message on Etsy for international availability]

Kiaxet Teepublic run by Katie Cullen\

A variety of designs across fandoms, including D&D and Critical Role, available across a number of products (t-shirts and other apparel, notebooks, stickers, masks, etc).

Can ship: International

Critical Baths run by Sarah Tharp

CR themed bath bombs, perfumes, soaps and more
Critmas sales and coupons: Code CRITICAL for 10% off
Can ship: Internationally

Atropa’s Apothecary

I make tabletop themed coasters, tote bags, canvases, and water bottles. If people are shopping for Critmas and they let me know, I can have rush custom slots available in order to customize a design for them.
Can ship: I’m currently shipping only within the USA due to postal weirdness.

Mystic Metalworks run by Amberlie Hutton

Handmade chainmaille jewelry and oddities, scalemaille dice bags and cosplay, as well as D&D dice and accessories!
Critmas sales and coupons: Code CRITMAS gets critters 10% off their order from now until the end of the year.
Can ship: We ship to the US and Canada currently.

The Craft Goblin run by Grace Golden

We make resin treasures for any hoard. We have jewelry and keychains from a variety of fandoms. We also make dice, dice rolling trays, and, recently, dice boxes! We also make crochet amigurumi and dragon egg dice bags. We absolutely love customs and commissions.
Critmas sales and coupons: CRITTERFRIEND for 10% off
Can ship: U.S. preferred but UK and Canada is also available

Kellie Doherty, Author run by Kellie Doherty
Hi there! My name is Kellie Doherty.I’m a bi author who writes queer adult science fiction and fantasy novels. I have three books available right now through Desert Palm Press, but my most recent release would probably be of most interest for Critters. Adult fantasy Sunkissed Feathers & Severed Ties is centered on a warrior named Misti. She gets this blood pendant attached to her neck and has to deal with the deadly consequences. I wrote it while watching Critical Role and gained a lot of inspiration from their fantastical narration and characters. Fans of Campaign One will really get a kick out of a Gilmore-influenced character named Roorik who comes in at a super important point of the book. Plus my main character Misti has a super cute companion animal!
Critmas codes and coupons: No codes or coupons, but if you send me proof of your receipt from the purchase and your address, I’ll send you a free bookmark and handwritten note!
Can ship: US Only

Mama Queen Geek LLC run by Laurie Bluem
Critical Role and TTRPG themed apparel, drinkware, decore, and decals. Adding more products weekly, so keep checking back. Featuring Cadeusus Clay quotes, Frumpkin, Mitten of Fire Resistance oven mitts! Coming soon are Critmas stockings and hats. Customization is also available on most products! Commissions are open for custom packaging from fellow artists and crafters.
Critmas codes and coupons: CRITMAS2020  for 15% off orders over $18 USDFree shipping over $35 in the US (excludes glass steins)
Can ship: US and international.

A Sunny Disposish run by Jenny Park

I’m an independent artist who usually sells her art at conventions. I’ve also done some freelance work for CR – you might recognize my art from the chibi pins and Frumpkin plush. I’ve got a variety of goodies – prints, stickers, plush pillows, notebooks, enamel pins, and more!
Critmas codes and coupons: “ASUNNYDISPOSISH” for $5 off when you buy any 2 items and “JENNYCON” for 10% off your entire order!
Can ship: Internationally

Dice Hags run by Christina and Michelle

We brew a concoction of handcrafted dice for your gaming needs 
Critmas codes and coupons: Code CRITTER for 15% off
Can ship: We will ship to domestic US, Canada and Europe 

Bardic Inspirations run by Samantha Rininger

I make D&D dice jewelry and keychains and 3D printed Dice boxes. Critmas codes and coupons: Use Coupon Code “CRITMAS2020” for 10% off your order.
Can ship: Internationally

Wyvern Workshop run by Alex Strakes

Chainmaille Dicebags and Dice Jewelry! 
Critmas codes and coupons: CRITMAS2020  (20% off entire order, Valid starting 10/1) 
Can ship: Anywhere! 

The Wind’s Nocturne run by Kate Bailey

Enamel pins and vinyl stickers
Critmas codes and coupons: CRITMAS for 10% off Critical Role items
Can ship: International

Nymph of Novelties run by Christy Burnard

Sewn goods made with custom designed fabric. My shop is mostly face masks, but I also make dice bags and pencil pouches inspired by Critical Role and have plans to add scrunchies and bandanas.
Critmas codes and coupons: CRITMAS20 on Etsy for 10% off $25+ purchases
Can ship: I’ll ship both domestic and international