Every year, we gather hundreds of critters around the globe for a massive gift giving extravaganza. 

Sign ups for 2022 are now open! They will remain open until the 30th September. You will have a week to get your large survey completed, and then assignments will start to go out in the second week of October. 

What you need to know

  1. The MINIMUM spending amount is US$25 or your local equivalent NOT INCLUDING SHIPPING. There is no maximum. We encourage generosity. HOWEVER, please don’t feel like you need to spend a fortune. A small well-thought out gift is every bit as wonderful as a giant box of things. Putting your love and time and effort into choosing something your recipient will love is much more important than what you spend.
  2. We are very strict about deadlines. The deadline for sending something is the 1st December. If you miss this deadline, we will add you to our Red List, which may impact your ability to participate in future exchanges. You will have two months to send something, so please plan accordingly and don’t leave it to the last minute.
  3. Please make sure you use a reliable address. Postage services around the world are struggling right now, and we don’t want to make it any more difficult for your gift to reach you than it already is. If you know parcels often go missing from your house, please consider using an alternate address. We do encourage sending things tracked, but we can’t enforce it, as it raises the cost and therefore the barrier for entry. We will angel missing parcels, but if more than one parcel goes missing on its way to you, we will have to stop sending things.
  4. We strongly encourage you to explore Critter shops. Our Discord has a channel for that. We love Critmas to be an opportunity for Critters to support Critters. Also, many of these Critter-run shops and businesses have Critmas coupons and deals. So please consider making that your starting point.
  5. Relatedly, if your recipient is in a different country from you, please consider shopping and shipping DIRECTLY from a vendor in the country where your recipient resides. This should mitigate some of the international shipping issues we have been seeing. 

Ready to sign up?

On to the sign up form! Please take your time and make sure you fill it in correctly. Remember the more info you give your Santa, the more likely it is you’ll get something you like.

Sign up now!