Dice Swap

You’re addicted to dice. Aren’t we all? Wouldn’t it be cool to send and receive pretty shinies from other critters?

Now you can!

Sign up below, get assigned a critter, send them dice. Wait for yours. Easy.

This is a ROLLING EXCHANGE which means I will assign people whenever there is a decent chunk of people AND I have the time. You may need to be patient!


You must send at minimum a single set of dice. If you have any concerns/questions about what this means, please email me and check.

There is no maximum – be as generous as you wish/can – but be aware that there is no guarantee you won’t only get the minimum back, so don’t get crotchetty if that happens. ❤

Please only sign up if you are able to send internationally. Critters are randomly assigned and worldwide.

Please make sure you put your address in properly. Incomplete addresses will result in you being removed from the exchange.

Go forth and exchange the shinies!