Critmas Clarifications!

Sign ups for Critmas and Critmas Lite!

My loves. Let me clarify. Things are a little different this year.

Critmas: Has a US$25 minimum on gifts, not including postage.
Critmas Lite: Has a US$5-US$10 range on gifts, not including postage.

This hopefully allows more people to participate.

Step One

You can sign up and choose your category here:

The deadline for this is the 30th September.

This does NOT send you anything, but it does put you on my list. If you are an anxious bean and wish to be sure, you can email me at to check. But if you wait a week, you will get confirmation in the form of

Step Two

I will send you an email to the address you provide with a link to the Critmas Survey.

You will either get a Critmas survey or a Critmas Lite survey depending on what you signed up for. If you do not get the one you expect, please get in touch with me!

This survey WILL send you a copy of your answers, and allow you to edit them. Keep in mind though that once assignments go out, you will need to notify your elf of any changes.

The deadline to complete this is 8th October. You MUST have submitted it by this date in order to participate. I am sending these out in batches of 100, so the first 100 people to sign up should already have theirs, and the rest of you will get them over the next few days.

Step Three

You will receive an assignment directly from your elf sometime in the week between the 9th and the 17th October. You then have until the 1st of December to send something to your recipient. Your elf will be your first port of call for any information you may need. Hopefully this clarifies things! ❤