Introducing Critmas Lite

Hello wonderful Critters!

This year we have a whole new layer to our Critmas experience. Every year we have run Critmas, there have been many people who could not participate because the $25 minimum was more than they could spare over the holidays. This year we are offering an alternative: Critmas Lite!

How does it work?

It works exactly the same as Critmas, except that the goal is to send just a small thing – a little, thoughtful gift worth between US$5-$10 (excl. shipping) to someone somewhere in the world. The idea is to spend more time and thought than money – to carefully read your person’s answers an pick something little and frivolous and thoughful that will make your recipient smile and squee. We are hoping that by doing this, we will be able to open this wonderful experience up to more Critters.

Can I do both?

No! You must choose between Critmas and Critmas Lite – the idea is to create more opportunities for people to participate who otherwise would not be able to, but we simply don’t have the manpower for all our Critters to do both versions.

Is it still regional?

Yes. In every way other than the dollar amount, this will be run identically to Critmas. We will still give you options to pick a region, you will still have an elf taking care of you, and you will still be subject to the same level of accountability from our Cheese of Unusual Size.

I have questions!

If you have any questions about how this works, feel free to contact us either through our contact form, or by emailing Jax directly at

Calling all potential elves!

It’s that time of year again when I start recruiting elves for Critmas!

Since the second year of this crazy thing, each year I assemble an elite team of email-replying, response-chasing, spreadsheet-managing organisational whizzkids to help me run the ever-growing extravaganza of Critmas.

What exactly do the elves do?

The elves each get a portion of the gifting pool for whom they are the first point of contact. They send out the assignments. They keep track of who has acknowledged, sent and received Critmas gifts.

They also field all the first level questions and queries. They chase people who are unresponsive, and are in charge of making sure that everyone in their group is sent a gift. They escalate particularly problematic issues to me, and send all angel requests to Shawnali, and are responsible for reporting to us both so that we have a clear picture of what is happening.

This leaves me free to handle anything weird or curly that arises, and keep an eye on the whole to make sure we’re on track.

Do you have what it takes?

To be an elf, you must:

  • Have patience and the ability to handle people not reading the instructions, wanting you to solve their problems, or complaining to you about things over which you have no control (international postage, their own budgeting skills, getting something they think isn’t as good as what they sent). If you have ever had a job in retail or customer service, you know that the ability to stay calm and rational in the face of such things is paramount.
  • Have some experience and skill with excel. I will send you a spreadsheet with your gifting pool in it, but you will be expected to manage and track every gift in the pool. Spreadsheeting is key.
  • Understand the importance of keeping confidential information confidential. You will be responsible for a large number of postal address and personal information. I expect it to be treated with respect and kept to yourself.
  • Be in our discord. Much of our day to day communication will take place in the elf channels of our Sparabel discord, so you will need to be in there to make sure you don’t miss anything.
  • Check and reply to emails daily. Do not underestimate how many emails you will receive! I will ask you to create an elf gmail account to manage this, and you will be expected to be clearing it at least once a day, and making sure everyone is replied to in a timely manner. Managing your time to ensure that you can do this is vital.
  • Have clear boundaries! People will try to contact you at all times of the day and night through a wide range of methods – especially if you do not respond IMMEDIATELY. I expect you to clear your emails daily. I do NOT expect you to be available 24 hours a day, and would prefer that you be good at managing your time and boundaries firmly.

Still interested?

The Rewards

The rewards are great! Critters really are amazing, and although I have given some dire warnings in that section above, the vast majority of people you deal with are absolutely wonderful, ad will go out of their way to make sure that their recipient is thoroughly spoiled. 🙂 They are also the most gracious humans – you will have many thanks and lovely messages. ❤

Also though, each year a third of our Patreon income is squirrelled away to be divide between the Elves once Critmas is complete. It’s not a lot, but it is something. 🙂 (If you’d like to contribute to this fund, JOIN OUR PATREON.)

Want to give it a go? Apply now!