Sign Up Month

Hi folks!

Critmas sign ups went live only 3 days ago, and we are already edging up to the 1k participants mark! That is both terrifying and exciting. It seems to have slowed down a little now, after the initial rush, which, if I am honest, I am quite relieved about!

I thought I’d do a quick post to answer some of the questions I am seeing popping up again and again.

Firstly, the timeline – Signups close on the 30th September. You basically have a month to get that sign up sheet in. I’ll then collate the data and create assignment emails which your elves will send to you. These should go out in the first week of October. Please respond to your email so that we know you have received it! You then have until the 1st December to get something in the post heading to your recipient. That’s two months, so you really should be able to get something together in that time.

Can I send a handmade gift?

We absolutely encourage sending something you have made – we are well aware of what a talented community this is! We do have a question in our survey about whether the critter would welcome something handmade. The vast majority of Critters answer yes to this, but there is a small chance you’ll get someone who doesn’t. If that is the case, please do respect their wishes!

I live with my friend/fiance/boyfriend/wife and we both want to sign up. Are we allowed to do that?

Absolutely! As long as you sign up with different names and email addresses, you’ll be fine.

These are the same questions as the members info form – why can’t you just use that?

My loves, I tried that last year and it was a fiasco. Some people got it right, but several filled in the members form, but then didn’t sign up and were confused as to why they didn’t get an assignment. Others signed up but then never filled in the form and I had to chase them. In general, this year I decided it was better to just make a single form, thus ensuring people know if they signed up and also are using the most up to date info.

You guys are doing an amazing job! Can I help?

Yes! There are several ways you can support us!

We have a Patreon, where you can get all sorts of cool, nifty rewards AND help us keep this thing rolling financially.

We have a Ko-fi where you can buy your mods and elves a virtual coffee. Note that this doesn’t actually buy a coffee, but it does put some cash in our coffers, which I divide between mods, elves, and CG itself.

We often need angels! These are people who step in to send a gift when the original gifter cannot follow through for some reason. A bit later in the process, you will start to see posts in our Critter Gifting group from Shawnali, who coordinates the angels, requesting angels. This is an amazing way to help us make sure that every Critter who signs up gets something.

Thanks, beautiful Critters! Welcome to the mayhem! We love you. ❤